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To access AppQual just connect to the internet from any compatible device: PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone,…
Each customer has his own internet address (url) secure https.
Each user logs in with his username and password.
The interface can be customized for each customer: logo, banner, menu style.




Easily view your actions to update them:




Different types (customizable) of reports can be created. Each report contains several characteristics that can be filled in or not: The name of the fields (detection step, Folder, Client, ...) can be customized to match your organization. You can create actions or attach existing actions to the report. At a glance you visualize the status of the actions. You can attach files to the report: photos of non-compliance for example. You can send the report by email by attaching or not the attached files. You can answer to the client who has made a complaint or to the supplier who has caused a nonconformity.




The events in AppQual are the situations generating reports. These are, for example, audits, management committee or other process reviews that will lead to deviations, non-compliances ... You instantly view the progress of actions related to your event: very useful for monitoring. You can attach files (the official audit report for example) or edit the report yourself from the information entered. You can create an FMEA event type to manage them in AppQual. Here's how :




You can edit your own indicators by choosing:
the selected elements. Example: supplier non-compliances noted between January and December of the past year.
the x-axis. Examples: the month of registration, the cause, the process ...
the y-axis. Examples: quantity, cost, duration ...
the type of graph: histograms, pie chart, ring ...
The query can be saved for reuse.
You can export the result of the query for use in a spreadsheet.




The Administration menu allows the user you have authorized to adapt the application to your activity. The different modules used regularly are presented below with a zoom on the form to reassign the actions of a person: We realize the initial setting from your mode of operation, your organization quality-security-environment and we finalize it at your house. Subsequently the Admin menu allows you to easily change the setting autonomously and without computer knowledge. Below you will find for example the form to set up the different types of actions: