per user * / month

This version allows you to fully use the stimulus and information tools, including the main managers as users.

  • > 10 to 50 active users; beyond consult us
  • > Compatible up to more than 1000 users
  • > 10GB of attached files / 100 users
  • > Automatic and daily database backup
  • > Backup of automatic attachments
  • > 3 months of conservation backups
  • > several new versions per year
  • > Technical assistance by mail
  • > List of users and enterprises included in the database


The AppQual subscription includes:

  • - Hosting software and databases
  • - Daily backup of databases and files
  • - Regular software updates and improvements (several per year)
  • - Electronic technical assistance by email.

No computer installation to do, compatible with all internet browsers.

The subscription and web software formula means there is no additional hidden cost compared to a traditional software solution with licenses:

  • 0 € = server fees, administration, backup at home
  • 0 € = installation fee on each computer: an internet connection is sufficient
  • 0 € = fees when changing computers: just recreate a shortcut in your favorites if they have not been transferred
  • 0 € = use on several devices (desktop PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, ...).

You also have access to an unlimited number of "collaborator" accounts that can be used by anyone to whom you will communicate their login and their corresponding password. The whole company can thus consult AppQual and report an incident or propose an improvement.
One of the users is administrator and will be able to personalize the application thanks to the simple and ergonomic Administration menu.
Your data belongs to you: if you want to stop using AppQual your data will be returned to you for free in the form of your choice (database or spreadsheet files).

*: A user is a person with a login and a password to connect to AppQual and create or modify informations.
*: The EDM module is subject to an additional bill of € 1 / month / employee (minimum 80).