Management of your Environment events

With AppQual you have Environment software to manage all your events: risks, accidents, audits, emergency tests, corrective and preventive actions ... and thus comply with the ISO14001-2015 standard.



The EDM (Electronic Document Management) module allows you to easily and efficiently share your Environment documentation.


Responsive management

With AppQual record accidents and incidents, conduct, save and share investigations (Ishikawa diagram, 5 Why ...), share your corrective actions ...


Proactive and Predictive Management

Use AppQual to record your risks (for example from your environmental analyzes or FMEA) and effectively assign / manage your preventive actions. Follow your periodic actions such as verifications and compliance checks on your devices. Create your own customized checklists for your internal audits or audits, for example. AppQual is an environment software but also quality, safety, hygiene, ... AppQual allows you to have a unique solution to group all your action plans thanks to the flexibility of its setting.