Electronic document management

You can manage your quality-hygiene-safety-environment documentation directly with AppQual. Here are the benefits you can get:

  • - All your documentation accessible easily and from anywhere
  • - A tree of directories, subdirectories and types to classify your documents
  • - A search tool to easily find a document using a keyword for example
  • - A workflow to create, write, check and validate documents with automatic sending of mails.
  • - Easily access favorite documents, the latest saved documents and your most recent consultations.
  • - Manage 2 files per document: 1 readable file and 1 source file; the files are in AppQual: no need to store them also at home
  • - Create documents with hypertext links to "surf" in your QHSE Handbook: since mapping go into the process and then into the procedure, ...
  • - Management of the versions of the documents, a date of revision, lists of diffusion ...
  • - Possibility to share certain documents with outsiders: give the right to consultation to your ISO auditor for the documents necessary for the preparation of the audit for example.